Beyonce Knowles's Boob Job

Beyonce Knowles's Boob Job


Of course she's had a boob job! And a nose job! And who knows what else. Of course. All one has to do is look at the pictures. The next part of her anatomy to watch is her legs: She doesn't have good calf muscle definition, so watch to see if that ever changes.

Life is full of facts and opinions..that doesn't make you a hater at all it's just your "opinion"! So to all y'all saying that people are just jealous and hating on Beyonce..go look up the word opinion. And who would want to be jealous of someone that went and had plastic surgery?! Apparently, they're worried about someone looking better than them so they fixed their unnatural beauty! Plus why be jealous of illuminati people?! Eww! However, yes beyonce is,was,& still a pretty woman! She did have nose surgery I seen that on a picture they showed of her natural nose and surgery nose, and solange(her sister) look so so much alike when beyonce had her natural nose! And also she did have a boob job, I don't give a damn what no1 says but ain't no way in hell a pushup bra do that because I used to be in a natural 34c and I wore pushups and they still weren't that perfect and round and my tits didn't even say..I lost weight and went down to a 32b and they still don't sag or pushup from a bra. Beyonce 1st a 34a the 2nd pic is a 36b most definitely. Plus she didn't even have that baby, she surrogated. Throughout it all beauty do get you a lot of places in life because that's 1 thing Hollywood about "beauty" but you lose a lot of supporters and fans when you lie in which when you lie because the truth shall set you free! Therefore that's why I dislike a lot of beyonce's because she lie a whole lot music and all but throughout it all 1 day you all that believe we're hating and jealous will see what we we're saying were and are facts and opinions!!!

This is so dumb. In one pic shes like 16 in the other shes like 24. When I was 16 I was a size 36B at 24 I was a C and now I'm a D at 29. Even my mom was a B after she had my brother and 14 years later after she had me she was a D (obviously there are pics of my mother much younger around and that's what size she was when my brother was about 7 years old).

PLUS, Beyonce' just had a baby and supposedly at one point (before the current baby) after her and Jay-Z got married, she was pregnant and lost the baby. You don't need to have plastic surgery to get bigger boobs people. All you need is any combination of the following 1) have estrogen, 2) to have the genes for large breasts, 3) get pregnant 4) get older/put on weight. Clearly she is heavier older than in the first picture.

this blog is soo ridiculous.

I don't think she had a boob job done!! I know my sis had a child her Brest where 2 cup sizes bigger than before. So I aviously think you all are just jelous about the boobs of a queen. :) haha lol. But I the nose yes that's the only thing she had done. But when I had so much money I think I would do the same thing. Don't you think you would do something about your self when you had so much money. And her music is the best. Hardcore and other metelica [filtered word] is just no music. Her music is al about the beat in life. That's my opinion.

Growing up and filling out?? Seriously? You would say that after she had a baby too. I can clearly see the difference. Even with a pushup bra, she would not have 2 cup sizes of flesh!

A lie it is possible to grow two cup sizes. I was a 36 B before I got preg and when I had my baby I was a 40 D so yeah maybe she did fill out.

You're right!... that's one surgery that slipped me by!

honestly how can anyone tell these days with bras that increase ur breast size by 2 cups

I don't care what she's had done, Halle Berry had a nose job but lied about it. I think Beyonce is way prettier than Halle Berry & more talented too.

yesss i agree :) she looks amazing...

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