Cher's Face

Cher's Face


I love Cher!! Even if she had a work done she does it well....and to being her sixties wow! And she stbill has a figure too!!

For being in her sixty's she is the best looking female I have ever seen. She is sexy for her age and all you haters need to grow up and stop haten. She is my icon.

Hey Cher! YOur old! You looked great back in the 60's and 70's. Now you look like a puppet! Grow up like the rest of the women your age.

Hey Bella! Learn to SPELL the word "YOU'RE" ! At least CHER is not an illiterate douche like you. Feel better ?

Hey Dove! Why don't you go back to school! Not only was that comment you just made rude, but unnessasary also!
Bella said, "Grow up like the rest of the women your age."

She wrote that sentence perfectly!

If she put YOU'RE in that sentence then it would be like saying,
" Grow up like the rest of the women you are age."

Lesson learned: next time THINK before you be rude to someone about their spelling especially if it was YOU who was the incorrect one in this situation.

OMG, I don't even know where to start with all the errors in your post, Justice. If you're going to bark at someone for correctly (and NECESSARILY) pointing out the errors in another's spelling, at least know how to spell yourself. There is nothing wrong with correcting someone; it's just too bad that more of us don't do it, and that it isn't done in the first place where it should be: IN SCHOOL! Teachers are "dumbing down" the entire g'damn country, no thanks to Bush's fugging NCLB. And I'm with Dove - I am SICK of people not knowing the difference between "your" and "you'RE!!!" It's so g'damn simple; a fuggin monkey would know the difference! (Replies not necessary; I have unchecked the box to notify me about them and I won't be back to this page, nor would I even know how to find it again.)

Uh Justice, you just embarrassed yourself, THREE TIMES! Dove was talking about when the person above said "YOur old". What she should have written was, "you're old" as in "you ARE" old.

I hope you learned your lesson. :)

The thing about Cher is that she can pull it off! She's a larger than life personality and she does what she want's without apology. Have you seen her mother? She looks amazing for her age, surgery or not!

Clearly the person who does this site is a moron.

They show people who's obviously natural but are in different lighting, hairstyle, clothing, ect.. Then throw in people that are obvious. Like Cher? really we're supposed to be shocked?

OMG Cher has had plastic surgery!?!? NO WAY!
Heidi Montag had plastic surgery?!? I must've missed it.

So in short this site lies about some and states the blatantly obvious about others like it's breaking news.

Cher only had braces/her teeth fixed and a nose job in which her cheeks got pulled up.
Its called makeup, clothing, and hair.

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