Did Sandra Bullock Have a Nose Job?

Sandra Bullock Nose Job?


Marry me, Sandra!!!

She looks like Barry Manilow

.. her knows looks identical to her teenage self... just looks like she grew into it (it's called the awkward years) ... not plastic surgery

she looked like MJ in the before pic:)

her nose has changed

She looks like Kiss-singer Paul Stanley in the first picture:). If she had a nosejob, it is quite subtle (on the after picture) not one where the nose looks completely deformed, as is the case with many other celebs. I always found her a natural , gracious beauty, too bad about the obvious botox.

she looks as cute as david cooperfield...

Regarding Sandra Bullock's nose, I remember reading an article once where they interviewed her specifically about it and she said how she got into some accident with her sister when they were kids or teenagers (roughly around that age) and she broke it as a result. They had to reset it and voila, instant nose job! With respect to her heritage, her mom was German, hence the crazy German outfit in 'Miss Congeniality"...

SHA. i think she did

She is beautiful in a non-traditional way. Love her look - not a fake, cookie-cutter, Hollywood look.

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