Donatella Versace Before and After

Donatella Versace Before and After


I love Donatella! She is a LEGEND not just in the fashion world, but also in pop culture.
Her work & Gianni's WILL LIVE FORVER! I just don't understand why she would mess with her face in the first place?
She looked just fine the way she was. Her nose looked perfect now it just looks like a hook nose, her lips now just look wayyy over done & weird looking.. You have to wonder if she is even satisfied with the results??

That is one ugly man!

it's a pity she made some huge mistakes. her nose needs to be reshaped to its original size and look, or smaller. her teeth look like huge, thick caps. there are wonderful, thin caps to replace them. her lips need to be returned to their original look when she was young. she is not eating anywhere near enough, is anorexic. she needs to see a nutritionist and stop smoking and drinking and no caffeine whatsoever. 3 fruit a day, protein, carbohydrates, five vegetables, grains, some butter and nonfat milk or 2% milk at least. yogurt with fruit. but enough of it to put on at least twenty pounds. her neck after she gains weight needs to be pulled taut so the cords don't show. the implants are pathetic looking because she is so dangerously underweight. no more fake tan. let the skin fade to a natural color. the lips and the nose are the worst parts, but the excessive eye makeup is horrendous as well, and her hair was never naturally platinum. let it grow out, give it only enough color to mimic her natural hair color at the age of eighteen. i worry about her health and about her self image. why would anyone want platinum hair? it is not attractive at all. why such black eye makeup? her eyes are light brown, a lovely color. why not match that color with her hair?

she looks like Val Kilmer with long hair in the first pic...

Barf...can't fix ugly!

The really scary part is, that after picture looks 10 times better than the more recent ones I've seen of her!
Why people do that to themselves is beyond me - just age naturally... the plastic faces are uglier than any aging could ever be.

Uhh there's almost 20 years between these photos and she's a smoker. It's called ageing. She's also smiling widely in the second photo and has a lot more eye makeup on. She had lip plumpers which I agree didn't turn out very nice, but it's not all plastic surgery mishaps! People change as they grow older so don't be so harsh.

I totally agree... I don't doubt that she had something done to those lips done but she clearly hasn't been lifted, and since when was wearing excessive makeup to a public event a sign of not ageing gracefully!!? women 10 and 20 years her junior have been known to trowel on too much slap for celeb events...

I say leave her alone, this is just mean :(

She was absolutely beautiful before, comparing to the look now. Terrible... How can a woman do it to herself?! And at the meantime she thinks it's beautiful...

I really feel for this woman. She was not bad looking before the surgery really. She looked just like a regular person not ugly but not necessarily beautiful either. I would like to get this mole in the middle of my forehead removed and may do it someday; but, I don't think I would do any more to my face even though I'm not super great looking. These plastic surgeons that take someone who is fine looking just the way they are should be stopped. Clearly they don't have the professional ability to see that they could really do someone a lot of harm by fixing something that doesn't need fixing. If they had told her that she is perfectly fine the way she is and told everyone that was fine looking the same thing this world would be so much better off. A girl who had image problems would listen to an expert and maybe think ya I am ok the way I am. I think a lot of these people who go to these creeps are either vain or insecure. Either way these aholes should be stopped. Look what they did to Michael Jackson too. Shouldn't they be held accountable for their greed and poor judgement? I mean they are really hurting people. The fact that Donatella is a class A biatch makes no difference - no one deserves what has happened to her.

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