i agree those r fake look how far away they are...just sad stay natural she looks better in the first pic

She's had a boob job for sure. I work as a bra-fitter and no NATURAL cleavage in the world goes perfectly half-moon shaped when you push them up, sorry to say. I'm kinda flabbergasted at the comments... I wonder... is it guys that are saying they're natural? I can't believe any woman could think that, seriously. You can literally see the round saline bags. Don't take my word for it. Go get naked and look in the mirror--push up your boobs (or your girlfriends!) with your hands the way Hilary is in that black dress and I guarantee you your cleavage won't go semi-circle like that if you are natural. Near her shoulders, the cleavage line continues up to her inner arm. No natural breast tissue can do that!

I know boobs-- I see them daily, and I've seen thousands of natural and augmented boobs. They are definitely round implants. Sad, as I loathe them, partly because round implants like that are much harder to fit a bra for, too-- because most manufacturers don't make cup sizes that are perfectly round like that... then again-- maybe haute hollywood shops do because round implants are all the rage there, (!) but as a trained fitter, teardrop implants are easier to fit for and look much more natural, FYI.

Also, I think she has the same job in both pics, except that she's pushing them up in one and not in the other. I've seen pics of her after LM, and she was really flat chested, especially after she lost all that weight.

I think teardrop implants give a more matronly appearance as do overly large breasts. I prefer moderate profile. High profile implants can look unnatural, especially if you have small breasts.

look at
totally different pic same dress!!

so fake., look it so round! it's like having to balls in her chest. :)

Looks like she's got herself a pair of eastie westies.

i think it's all about her dress
and she probably put on push-up

She loox ridiculous n I think she's loox better wit a lil more weight on!

what the hell is wrong with her boobs. it's like they were lifted and spread apart. EWWWWW!

I think she's hotter now.

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