Hillary Clinton's Facelift

Hillary Clinton's Facelift


Give some credit to her dentist, please...it is some of the best dental work i have ever seen.

Feeling confident that one has a pretty smile goes a long way in enhancing one's overall looks, yes?

Well.........if she shaves about 20 lbs off of her ankles and another 30 lbs off her caboose she would be good to go! Actually........add one bag to that...........then definitely good to go!

I think she looks good, don't think she got the full face lift, just the little bags on the eyes and maybe a little pin and tuck there. She still looks very natural. I'm not kidding you, if I get bags/saggy eyes they are definately getting tucked.

Once a hag always a hag. She is a snake. Watch out Obama, she is going to take over.

I don't think i have ever seen such subtle, great work! She looks great.

she still looks bad...even after

I saw a picture of her taken recently and she still has those bags. I think that picture has been photoshopped

It wasn't a thread lift but midfacelift (and total face lift). Good job, but she is such a [filtered word]...

Well if you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig then I guess if you give that pig a face life it's still a pig, lol

Wow that's harsh. She was your nations First Lady right? For 8 years? The rest of the world respects her intellect and tenacity..and You in her home country call her a pig? You should be ashamed. How embarrassing. Inexcusable and cruel. I am ashamed FOR you.

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