Jewel Needs Of New Breast Implants

Jewel in Serious Need of New Breast Implants

With a new album out, you’d think that Jewel would have the intuition to get her breast implants replaced. But it appears that the singer/songwriter has opted not to have her plastic surgery revised.

35-year old Jewel has never entirely bought into the Hollywood hype about having perfect good looks and has taken especial pride in having crooked teeth and never having them fixed. So it was with some surprise that fans noticed a decidedly bustier Jewel in the 2003 music video for her hit single “Intuition.” It was even more surprising that when the talented and once homeless artist didn’t have her breast augmentation redone even though they are an obviously botched job.

Jewel’s breast implants seem to be the wrong size for her figure. The result is that the implant lies on top of her natural tissue, giving her breasts a lumpy appearance.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “It looks like she had breast augmentation with possible subglandular placements of the implants. It seems like her breast diameter/pocket is wider than the diameter of her implants therefore you can tell where her implants end and her real breast tissue starts.”

While Jewel’s implants do not fit now, they could be replaced for a better result.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Jewel, unfortunately, had poor outcome from her breast implant surgery. From the pictures it appears that she has had implant replacement or removal. Her breasts now have less volume and they appear more ptotic. It appears that she may benefit from additional surgery for a replacement of the implants to fill the empty volume and a possible breast reshaping procedure.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston says, “It appears that singer Jewel’s breast implants are too small in diameter for the width of her breast. Also, her implants are visible under her skin, which suggests that her implants are not beneath the pectoral muscle. If she had a revision with better implant selection and they were placed under the muscle it would give her a better result.”

On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia theorizes that perhaps the bizarre appearance of Jewel’s breasts are due to having implants removed, rather than placed. He says, “Jewel has had busty days and more recently kinda deflated days. This could easily be due to the sequence of breast implant surgery years ago with later simple implant removal. When removing implants from long ago, it often helps to add a “take up the slack” lift to keep the sag down.”



It's amazing how some people can just talk and write things in the internet and sound like experts. Plastic Sergeant, this is your opinion. Not the facts!

I worked with Jewel back when when she was 18. That's before she even sold 100,000 albums. I am assuming this is before the implants? Right? Well, I will tell you that back then her breasts were quite big for her small frame. I am not going to go into details, but if you were around back in 1994... and had seen her then, you would have noticed her boobs. And lot of people did.

I think that what you see in these photos is the before and after of weight gain/weight loss. As well as having children. I am not sure how or why a woman who had DDs breasts at 18 would get implants in her 20s or 30s. Check your facts.

I am not a huge fan of Jewel. But this story actually hurts women and the current struggle to smash the celebrity body image myth.

i just listen to her music! who cares what she looks like........Stupid people

Jewel was a jewel BEFORE she had surgery done! Why she wanted to mess with perfection I have NO idea -----------She is a BABE!

Forget new implants, she needs to get that damn snaggle tooth fixed! It's gross!

First of all she is not gross, and second, I bet she's hotter than you. Not everyone has to have that fake Hollywood smile to be attractive.

and too Paula and Kim, if you like having a mass produced factory created smiles and being complete unknown by anyone but your close family, so be it.

And when I see your name on a CD cover, or your perfect smiles in a magazine or online photo shoot,then your words might carry some weight. Until then. Put the jealousy back in the box you two so loosely keep it in.

Cause you both are wearing out the lid opening it so much.
Wait!!!..Here's a few shoe boxes I'm not using anymore. Now try to keep the cover on them. Cause we all cant be as perfect looking as you are.
But we can be better people, all without any help from a doctor.

Gotta love stupid people that thinks everyone is suppose to looking like the people on bad sitcoms , plastic faces and digital smiles. Not everyone needs a rail to rail flat toothed smile, I for one love her smile, it shows character.
There's nothing wrong with Jewel except she had a bad boob job done.

And we all Know dani-j is perfect , arent ya?. I'm sure you have all the boys/girls knockin at your door,... idiot!. And drop the J, its just makes you look like a wanna be rapper.

she is so ugly. she should get her boobs fixed, capsular contraction? and her teeth oh my. go to a desntist!!! she is hidious!!!!

I wish she'd fix that effing snaggle tooth... UGH!

Hollywood, along with the church and maledom patriarchal governments feared the Sacred Feminine and SO they destroyed it. AND they replaced it with neurosis and plastic. REASON... so they could undermine the TRUE power of Women... which is NURTURING Life... unlike destroying life as patriarchy does. ANyhow, Jewel just didnt bite and Goddess BLESS Her and other Women who stay REAL!

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