Joan Van Ark's Face

Joan Van Ark's Face
Joan Van Ark's Face
Joan Van Ark's Face

Van Ark emerged at a Hollywood event at the weekend wearing a mask of makeup, but even that couldn't hide her blotchy skin and shocking appearance. Although she was sporting painted-on eyebrows, there was no trace of lipstick on her pale, puffed-up lips &mdash adding to her zombie-like look. With photos from as recent as 2006 showing a far more fresh-faced Van Ark, it can be assumed she has gone under the knife several times in the last year. Van Ark became famous in the 80s starring in the hit soap Knots Landing, a spin-off from Dallas, which she also appeared on as a guest actress. Ironically, Van Ark recently filmed a guest appearance on plastic surgery based drama Nip/Tuck. An insider tells the Daily Mail that Van Ark required hours of hair and makeup preparation for the shoot, and the only food she consumed the entire day was a banana. On the set of the show, it also reportedly took four hours to set the lighting up to her satisfaction.


She has always used way too much concealer. Her eyes have huge white rings underneath them. The make up she uses on her brows is too red and her foundation is orange. Everything clashes...especially with her blue mouth and jaw. She is truly a train wreck and that face can break a mirror. She was so pretty years ago...still had too much white under her eyes. I'm sure she just uses zinc oxide to hide her circles!

This lady is 70 years old for crying out loud. The before picture is from 30 YEARS AGO. Just cut the lady a break and let her enjoy retirement!

If she had a chemical peel, she should have waited for it to do it's job, and it does not happen over night. She looks weather worn to me and when you have " chicken " lips.... a netural liner with a little color on them would be a nice improvement. I think a softer blonde or strawberry blonde hair color would be more flattering on her, and the tatted or painted on brows are too dated ... should be softer looking ...they just look a little too harsh.

Looks like she had a chemical peel and just lost all the pigment in her skin. Why doesn't she either go to a professional to do her makeup or fire the one she has? Another actor who now has that strange hue (which apparently the camera picks up even more) is Ray Liotta.

looking at the photos, it honsestly doesnt look like plastic surgery botch, nothing on her lines of her face has changed, nose is still the same, eyes, jaw etc what most ppl havent considered is could she be sick? the blue hue of her skin could be her being deathly ill, it could be cancer or even aids... and its sad if she is sick why doesnt she come out n say it instead of taking the trash talk about her "botched" surgery.
i agree is is a beautiful woman and she seems very strong and proud!

and if it is plastic surgery shame on the dr for being carelss enough to harm a woman of this statue!

Um, her eyes and nose are TOTALLY different, and yes it does look like she had an awful chemical peel gone bad. She is an idiot; she NEEDS lipstick!

Did she want to look like the avatar girl with blue skin ?

Looks like she was sucking on a blue pen and it soaked thought her lower jaw - horrid.

OMG is that J. K. Rowling's long lost sister?

she looks horrible!

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