Keeping an Eye on Plastic Surgery Procedures

Joan Van Ark's Face

Van Ark emerged at a Hollywood event at the weekend wearing a mask of makeup, but even that couldn't hide her blotchy skin and shocking appearance. Although she was sporting painted-on eyebrows, there was no trace of lipstick on her pale, puffed-up lips &mdash adding to her zombie-like look. With photos from as recent as 2006 showing a far more fresh-faced Van Ark, it can be assumed she has gone under the knife several times in the last year. Van Ark became famous in the 80s starring in the hit soap Knots Landing, a spin-off from Dallas, which she also appeared on as a guest actress. Ironically, Van Ark recently filmed a guest appearance on plastic surgery based drama Nip/Tuck. An insider tells the Daily Mail that Van Ark required hours of hair and makeup preparation for the shoot, and the only food she consumed the entire day was a banana. On the set of the show, it also reportedly took four hours to set the lighting up to her satisfaction.

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