Kate Moss's Nose Job

Kate Moss's Nose Job


What in the name of Euclid did ANYONE see in this little girl's face that said "supermodel?!?!?!?!?"

Ugly as hell.

In the young pic she looks Australian, like Bindi the crocodile hunter's daughter.

I'm not convinced this is a nose job... I've noticed her nose has massively changed shape but I think its [filtered word]... it looks like its collapsing

This is one ugly woman cant stand to even look at her so gotta go im getting sick..:/

oh my....I really dont care if she had a nose job - she is a kid in this picture and eventually a face becomes evend out, more proportional,
there are times where you mouth is too big for your face, and nothing really fits together ....
And to read she looks filthy....low low, just a kid, not sophisticated, no little replica of some celebrity - which seems to be neccessary for girls this age nowadays.....the freckles, how did she even go out with this haircut and those freckles...my my


Her nose now is probably not from surgery but rather from all the cocain she snorted to get that "heroin chic" look. It looks a little collapsed & that can happen from snorting too many drugs as it does gradually erode away the structural tissues inside the nose.

wow, what a pooch. arf! arf!

She looked like the crazy kid form MAD Magazine LMAO!!!!!! She's had her eyelids done too particularly bottom lids

PS: stop moderating comments from the get go! It sux! You can always remove what u don't like later. This is no fun like this!

yeah having to type in those stupid symbols is a joke. i don't see any of my comments. where the hell are they? Where is the "post" option??

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