Kelly Rowland's Nose Job


People who are still saying she hasn't had a nose job are ignorant of the FACT that she OPENLY has been on on TV (the E channel) on a celebrity plastic surgery special & OPENLEY TALKED ABOUT HER NOSE & BOOB JOB!

I don't think that she had a nose job that is a makeup trick

I think she looks beautiful! A great nose job.

THIS is NOT a white nose... its a trimmed nose...seems u don't miss the opportunity to separate whats black and whats white.... its 2010 people..the past is the past..lets not commit the same mistakes.. we are all humans..... and that's all... cut the black white Asian Indian kinda stuff....

That's not a nose job. It's contouring, photo editing, and angles. If you look at candid pics of her, her nose looks the same. Her face just looks thinner because she's older. She was a teenager in that first picture.
You can't compare candid pics to retouched pics and then blame the differences on surgery.

IMHO narrowing the bridge fits her petite face, but the weird point on the end looks too Jackson-esqe.

I'd have to agree with the previous comment about 'erasing the blackness'. I know that every race has a different type of nose but my thing is this: why change your nose or your features if that is what God gave you? To me, when someone changes his/her nose it makes me think: they didn't like what they had and it screams: 'image conscious' to me!

If you have a bulbous nose, wide nose, or even skinny nose or if you have full lips, or think lips and a cocked eye--you are beautiful just the way you are. You are created just how you were meant to be. Getting surgery is like a slap in the creator's face! Saying: you didn't make me perfect enough! all of our supposed 'imperfections' make us all unique!

Kelly actually said in an interview that she got a nose job and a breast augmentation... so IT IS a nose job. She said that she was tired of people speculating. If you don't believe me... look it up. She also got something done to her teeth or something like that... but she is absolutely gorgeous regardless!

Thats not a nose job! LOL its called makeup 'CONTOURING' and air brushing. Try finding a recent unretouched photo where she doesnt have that brown powder on her nose then I'll believe you. But anyway many celebs with wide noses do this contouring makeup like Rihanna. Also its a photography trick. In the first photo her nose is all up in the camera. In the 2nd photo shes leaning her face back, making her nose look smaller and her lips appear bigger.

I understand gettin it a lil narrowed but she shuldn't of gotten da bone shaved down. It wulda looked nicer wit da previous structure of da nose bone!

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