Kim Kardashian Proves Her Butt is Real

Kim Kardashian x-ray butt

On an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim gets on an x-ray machine to prove to fans that her famous behind is all real and not butt implants.
On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn points out that just because her bottom isn’t the result of implants, doesn’t mean she hasn’t undergone fat injections to plump her behind.
He writes, “This is great. Kim Kardashian recently took the time and exposed herself to radiation in order to prove that she doesn’t have buttock implants. Kim posted this photo on her sister Khloe’s website. I’m no radiologist, but I don’t see any obvious implants there! ”
“That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t had fat injected into her butt. This wouldn’t show up on an x-ray.”
“I doubt she’s had anything done, though. Some people just have an ample booty!”


It could be real but, she had to have that skin removed from legs and back

If anyone believes that is an xray of her, you are mistaken. Her rear end is 10x bigger than that! Thank goodness she has sisters to get xrayed and let her claim it to be hers!

Well, I have to agree is a big difference between her butt from the sex tape with ...what's his face again? and today, mmmm is not because she works out a lot cause "that" is not a gym booty either mmmm she is not overweight either, she has a really small waist instead ....mmm yeah, i think she had several fat transfers from her abdominal area to her buttocks, nothing wrong with that... I think she went too far, I believed her butt actually stoppef looking sexy a few fat transfers ago... and then she is pregnant??? uufff i feel sorry for her butt is gonna go even bigger!! how can she find clothes to fit her?

LOL, this girl must think people are stupid. No Kim Whoredashian, you didn't get implants, you just get fillers on your butt to make look so nasty and unnatural.

I don't know why women think that a big diaper butt looks good. I've got a natural booty (nothing too crazy) but I'm always trying to slim it. Not into the big butt thing at ALL. But I guess, as with anything, it's not the size but the shape that matters. I also think smaller boobs are better, but they still need a bit of shape. Big boobs do too...they can't just be "fleshy"....which is exactly how I'd describe that embarrassing looking monstrosity above.

Well said bebe I agree with u. I feel bad for us woman we are the ones who often let men look down on us, the things we do to ourself is unbelieveable..

can i ask why on earth anybody would CHOOSE to inject fat into their bottom and CHOOSE to look like that??? its freakin nasty how big and gross her behind is. on another note, that thing should be littered with cellulite. she's probably getting treatments for that as well.

its fake!!! lol.. we all know this.... she went through all that to prove TO US her butt is real.. she's desperate! and her booty is bigger than her thighs.. she lack proportion!

She looks like a tranny from Thailand...

The fat injections are present...

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