Kim Kardashian Still Insists That Her Butt Is Natural

Kim Kardashian's Butt Before And After


That's not even her on the left... duh!

It IS her on the left, that shows how much work she's had done now!!!

Wtf!!! Common!!! We all know she fake!!! Who she trying to fool!!

I think Kim K. is a trash bag personally. Regardless of any surgery she just comes off as completely fake. She did have a natural beautiful face but in recent pics her face is looking more like a mannequin and less attractive. I'm not sure if it's the way she wears her makeup or surgeries she's had but whatever the reason, she just seems less attractive. The after pic above definitely looks fake-whether it's photo shop or surgery, it's unnatural looking. She has gained more weight (before her current pregnancy) and her hips are bigger and look more proportioned with her butt.

hmm... Kim is beautiful no matter what. so you haters just get off because i know somewhere down you are actually aiming at looking just as great as she does.

Nope, she doesn't look great. Her white female (and male) friends at various news sites like DM, HP etc, Photoshop her pics to make her look decent. They think that she represents them well and it gives them self esteem (maybe you're one of these).
However, when you see her in film, you see how messed up her face and butt really looks. Go on, take a look at her recent California ad, or non-Photoshopped pics.
Kim Kardashian is not beautiful, she is a less scary version of Wildenstein.

she only has white friends... or only her white friends photoshop her images?

The latter.

When getting a Brizalian butt lift u transfer fat from ur tummy or tight into ur [filtered word] theres no proof to tell if u got it done or not there r so many ways I get ur [filtered word] fat wt out silicon

A a little meat on someone's leg don't give some one a big [filtered word] butt like that. U are real gullible and stupid. I been doing a lot of exercise to get a good size butt. But to have a Huge butt like hers with her body frame over night is not possible she did what my friend is saving money for, to get fat injected into her fake as hell butt that why there is no evidence of silicone when she did the x-ray.

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