Kim Kardashian's Boob Job

Kim Kardashian's Boob Job


Has any noticed how much smaller her nose has gotton?? its like she switched places with her a@@ and nose!

lol the after picture looks different from how she looks now.

come on guys,
she is so young in the first pic and still has breasts over the average.
plus her outfit in the second pic pushes them up...

I posted this on the other page. She lied about the enhanced photo on there.

A picture of Kim at 14:

Her ex husband said he paid for her implants. If he was lying she would have said he was. It doesn't matter what you say.

get a life [filtered word] hole!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of sitting here and being sarcastic , at least she is famous

Get a life? You need to get an education! Did you hear that word, "sarcastic" from your mommy? Next time look up the meaning before embarrassing yourself.

Lindsay Lohan is famous.
Your comment = FAIL.

You said exactly what I expect from a Kim fan. FAIL!

It's fake! Mediatakeout posted surgical before and after photos of Kim K. Although there is no head shot and Kim K claimed that it wasn't her, it really is her. If you look closely at her surgical photos, you can connect her moles (one in upper right arm, forearm, collarbone) plus a belly ring years back. I will send you photos of the proof. Just send me your email address.

Haha you guys are so funny :)You guys shouldn't waste your time on this because your never going to know the truth unless you are Kim Kardashian

what does that mean ?? can't u see on the pics u see everything
kim made tons of stuff to her body !!!!

Actually, you are funny. Eventually somebody close(r) to her will sell her out or something else will. Evil does not last forever. And look at celebrities. How many of the bad ones have it good forever? Her time will come.

*I say closer because her ex husband already said that he paid for her implants. I believe him... 1)what does he have to gain from saying this? and 2) She never responded, just like she never responded to Spencer Pratt's comment that she was fake. She can't respond.

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