Kim Kardashian's Butt Implants

Kim Kardashian's Butt Implants
Kim Kardashian's Butt Implants


I'm just commenting on the title, She doesn't have butt implants. She got butt injections. But injections butt injections butt injections.

Someone please tell me why this idiotic Kardashian family is the subject of so much attention from the media?

For those of you who point out that it's her business to deny plastic surgery and that it's a free country and anyone can do whatever they want, I say, "Okay; that's true." But don't folks who say that think a really talented actress or singer ought to be in the spotlight, and not a vapid, talentless fame-[filtered word] such as K.K.? She's taking the attention of a "Real" deserving person away. Reality shows are the most assinine thing to come into our society in a long time. No one is going to act the way they act normally when a camera and sound crew person are right in your face. Why do people watch such garbage? I truly truly just don't get it.

If the pictures are real, then it seems that she has had surgery in the buttocks and breasts. I'm no longer a Kim fan, however, that's up to her and she's still a pretty girl, even with the enhancements. I think some people may be upset that she denies having surgery, but again, that's her business.

Hey kim,

I do agree with the positive comments, it's your life, your rights and your way. Also you removed the signature Kardashian look, I think. Khole & Kourtney, except and embrace the true them, that means they keep it 100.

Much love w/an opinion


wow people are sad...Kim was hot as a teen and she's still hot now, along with her whole beautiful family! Y'all should look in the mirror and start loving the person looking back at you...also just because another woman is really beautiful, doesn't mean it takes away your beauty. It's when you open your mouth and type ugliness like this that takes it away. Kim Kardashian is a real person just like you, who has feelings just like you, so can you all try to remember that and be a little humane.

Love yourself first to allow your sunshine to cast rays upon others in hopes they can one day do the same.

: ) ( :

Kim is just fake all the way she only has like c cups and the rest are implants(: thanks

kim is trying to fit in with the black race i mean really trying butt lips tan dating lol

Its SAD to know that so many ppl spend time disputing whether her butt is real or not,i mean get a life or some worthwhile form of recreation, who gives a [filtered word]?she surely doesn't,while you all are stressing Ur pathetic little brains trying to piece together the puzzle OR trying to convince everyone that she's fake,she's making millions doing what she does best,and if that just happens to be NOTHING that's her biz!just thought I'd enlighten some of u bitter ole folks out there!LIGHTEN up and focus on what should matter most...Ur life n what goes on in it.

Disputing? How about you take some needed advice and get an education, dummy? Your grammar is as good as Kim Kardashian's who thinks that "funner" is a word!
No one is disputing. We are saying that her butt is fake. We don't even need to say it, the evidence is there. You deny it because you need to believe it to feel good about your pathetic body.
She's making millions now, but she won't when she starts to look like Michael Jackson. Oops, she already does. I mean when she starts to looks really, really plastic.

I hear you loud and clear, let the church say amen to that.

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