Lil Kim Addicted To Cosmetic Surgery

Lil Kim plastic surgery


Is this really even Lil Kim? Is she wearing contacts cuz the eye color is different

She looks hideous and scary smh

gosh..just horrible.....who is this?????? if it's Lil Kim....i dont' like the new look at all.

Very Beautiful before, now looking like Michael Jackson's surgeon got a hold of her!! SAD!!

she looks asian. plastic surgery is disgusting.

Congratulations Kim.....Joyce Wilderstien has a twin now.

There is something very wrong with her internally. She needs to look inside herself and see what the real problem is. She is completely unrecognizable now. Seek help.

lord have mercy she looks hideous it's sad what length one goes to to look beautiful..

this is one that's gone horribly wrong..

I wish she stopped with the surgery in the 90's. She looked so much prettier before going under the knife...

This is very sad. she was much pretty before.
i dont think she needed cosmetic surgery just new wordrob and new hair and makeup stylist.

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