Liv Tyler's Lip Augmentation

Liv Tyler's Lip Augmentation
Liv Tyler's Lip Augmentation

It appears that beautiful Liv Tyler has fallen prey to the Hollywood curse of trout pout. Already posessing lovely bee stung lips, some Hollywood beauty peddler probably pressured Liv to &lsquodo something extra to her face so that they could make a few more bucks. I think Liv's upper lip looks like a slug. Take this as a lesson, ladies, lip fillers are bad!


OMG! She ruined her beautiful face!

It's a shame. The celebs should go to biology lessons 101 because the top lip is always supposed to be half the size than the lower lip, not double the size. Also aesthetics professionals have said that a face is more beautiful when the lips are according to that 1 - ½ ratio.

i really doubt steve tyler's daughter needs lip augmentation... just sayin

I prefer her first lips...she was more cute and exotic

lol, her lips look the same.

top lip doesn't

She has always been gorgeous.

Her smile is just a little wider in the second picture, therefore the lips seem somewhat fuller. Plus lighting and the colour of the lipstick: that's it.

Why Liv Why?

Massive error. Such a great lower body too. Oh well, she's married and has a kid anyway. Yawn. Terrible actress.

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