Megan Fox's New Face: Jonah Hex premiere 2010

Megan Fox's New Face: Jonah Hex premiere 2010


She looks so much better that she was before.

Of course she looks so much pretty now.

Megan Fox is definitely on the list of celebrities who got unnecessary work done. At most she maybe should have gotten a boob job but I personally think she was perfect before ANY surgery was done. Her facial surgeries have made her face look hard and aged beyond her years while her pre-surgery pics show such an attractive softness of her features that made her a naturally gorgeous girl. It's cases like this that have people trashing plastic surgery because too many beautiful women get work done that destroys the features that once made them gorgeous. I agree that Pamela Anderson(aside from the over the top boob job) is another one that had similar features pre surgery as Megan but destroyed them with surgery.

I think many of the pics here are just before when young and after when old... plain and simple.

she used to be hot looking

WTF, she was so much better before anything she had done.

Better before, so was Pamela Anderson

Come on idiots, let's hear you say someone didn't get plastic surgery this time.

Ow))) that's LoL))) she's funny))

I think she was very better befor !!!

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