Keeping an Eye on Plastic Surgery Procedures

Priscilla Presley's Face Improvement

In case you don't know Priscilla's story, she didn't go in for plastic surgery. Priscilla Presley fell in with an unlicensed doctor and con artist. Dr. Daniel Serrano, from Argentina, claimed that he had a wonder drug that was better than BOTOX&reg, but not FDA approved yet. He conned his way into Hollywood and injected lots of aging celebrities. Hiss anti-aging solution, however, turned out to be low-grade silicone, the kind used by mechanics to grease auto parts. For her part, Priscilla Presley has recovered from the incident and has put it behind her. Dr. Serrano is behind bars. The sad thing is that BOTOX is so safe and easy, there's really no reason to get a back alley injection. You can definitely say that she made a very questionable decision, but that's no reason to put her on the chopping block.

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