Rumer Willis's New Look

Rumer Willis Chin Reduction


She needs to go to a korean plastic surgeon who can change her jawline and make her face a lot better

I think her eyes and her nose looks so perfect.She is a charming girl.

Yuck! Ugly is ugly and there just isn't any fixing this. Rumer and her sisters inherited from the wrong side of the gene pool in that gamble.

no jawline issues...

she's got chronic mumps.

Way too much jawline going on there!

I actually think she's pretty cute. Don't think she's had any work done either. Just grown into her looks.

In finnish language, ruma = ugly. So... nomen est omen.

She is unusual looking and that makes her unforgettable. So is her dad. She isn't cookie cutter blonde and bland. She has matured and grown into her features, gotten trimmer, and looks great. Would you rather she be like her mom? Tortured into some impossible ideal to stay someone's idea of perfection? Rumor will age and with her strong bone structure, will look better and better.

Doesn't she have Cherub syndrome?

If she had Cherub Syndrome, she likely would have had a good deal of dental and jaw surgery by now.

Her mother actually has a good-sized jaw for a woman. You don't usually see it in photos because she has learned how to hold her face to make her jaw seem less prominent. Of course, her father has a strong jaw, as well.

It does appear that she has had some alteration in her jawline, and it brings her appearance more closely to a "normal" range.

As if "normal" is the best. Sheesh. What are we doing to our young women?

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