Ryan Gosling's Nose Job

Ryan Gosling's Nose Job



The fact that his eyebrows are a different shape (further apart and better arched) now will probably make his nose appear slightly different, but as everyone else says.. his nose is the same, just a different angle. Great nose actually!

I've seen all of his movies and he looks much better in the newer ones. No one wants to admit surgery so leave him alone. He is an actor, and with a nose like he had, they even cast him in The Believer as Danny Balint. The thing I don't understand is his accent. It is about as Brooklyn, NY as I have ever heard, not Marlon Brando as some claim.

The first picture is jason dohring.

lol you fail !!! that is Ryan Gosling, about the same time as the movie muber by numbers came out

I like him before the surgery.sooo much cuter

Nah, just different angle.

Agreed, doesn't look adjusted at all, just different angle...

Again pictures taken at a different angle, in one he's smiling and in the other he's not...these things make a difference. He didn't get a nose job. Anyone who have seen his movies early in his career to now, can see that his nose is the same. But he did obviously tweeze his brows back in the day.

looks really good!

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