Sarah Jessica Parker's Boob Job

Sarah Jessica Parker's Boob Job


Hot sexy, totally a 10

She looks gorgeous in a very unique way.

AHHHH my eyes are bleeding! Even out of the stable this one is atrocious!

i think she looks worse in the second pic. somehow the big knockers draw attraction to her face more

she's f**king ugly!!!!

I really just think the breasts are pushed up high, any women can look half as flat in a top like the first photo and even a small busted women can push up what is there, the padding underneath the dress makes them look like they have more volume, how nasty to see mean comments about a womens face her face has character

She looks like a FOOT

Forget about the boob transplant sarah , get a face transplant instead , trust me on this.

I find her not super attractive, but I don't think her nose is all that bad either. We are born w/ what we get/ got. Why change all the time just to fit into a typical American/ Hollywood stero type? I admire her for not going crazy like other stars that are just fake and not 'real' anymore ...

I'm sorry, but no matter what you do to the rest of your body, above the neck will ALWAYS need to have a brown bag to cover that Mr. Ed's cousin face :\ I will always love Girls just wanna have fun, though. Good acting/dancing there. Love her work, but can't stand to look at her lol. Weird huh? :P

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