no offence but that is so unattractive and sad at the same time.

Some of these comments are f*ing hilarious but seriously Tara's situation is not funny! She looked like a meth addict or something in the fourth right photo! Her botched plastic surgery & party girl ways ruined her! Her face is starting to rebound though. I was considering lipo on my stomach & buttocks but after seeing these again I think I'm just going to buy an elliptical! It would cheaper & more fun too.

OMG.. can't belive it.. what did that girl do!?!?

She makes me feel not embarrased 2 change in front of other girls!! Poor thing!!!

This stuff right here my ninja is super GROSS. I wouldn't touch this witch with a ten foot pole. I don't care if she was the last thing on earth. NOPE. EEEWWW

Lipo gone really wrong...

It's all these comments which encourage the anorexia. She is a very sick girl. Leave her alone if you have any compassion at all. She's also not that young.

The SUN, booze, and drugs happened to her. Looks like a hungry rottweiler got a hold of her stomach.
Used up before her time for sure!

OH HONEY what you had from the start was perfect and now you.... it's so upsetting. i mean look what you did to yourself.. this isn't pretty!

This is like the Twilight Zone.

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