Zac Efron's Nose Job

Zac Efron's Nose Job

Let's look at his nose. It looks like it has been built up at the bridge and the nostrils shaved down just a little.


I don't think he had a nose job, to be honest. I have noticed a similar change in my own face upon learning proper skin care, and well, maturing sexually. Also, you can refine a bulbous tip (as long as it's not created by cartilage or bone) by simply learning proper breathing techniques. Proper breathing (nasally) will keep the nasal passages clear and cooled (thereby reducing any inflammation and irritation) which together also may cause a slight refinement in an otherwise bulbous tip. The change in Zac's nose is so slight it's probable that a rhinoplasty has never taken place.

he´s eye´s change color?

yeah that's really weird!

Why do people get chin implants? People are so vain and whacked out of their minds.

Zac Efron's paternal grandfather was Jewish. His other grandparents were not Jewish.

Zac looks like Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish.

Really now - this is just a human face maturing - why do we see surgery where there isnt!

THAT nose has be under surgery.. you would be surprised how natural they can make them look... sometimes.. it's just a nose correction.. that's why it doesn't nescesarily show.. but you can see that his nose is thinner at the bridge.. and he used to have big nostrils.. they are smaller...

I'm all for bashing on Zac like every other teenager out there, but it looks like he just grew into his noes. That's all. I think people are just looking for anything. I mean, that picture looks like he's about 15 and the other looks like he's about 19. That gives him a few years to grow into his body.

I can't believe so many people boldly say someone has had plastic surgery based on a couple ambiguous pictures. These factors are more likely in many cases:

- angle
- lighting
- makeup
- skin oil level
- age
- weight

Stop lying Zac does not look like he had his nose done.

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